Hey I'm Mahmood, a mechanical engineer

I am an experienced Mechanical Engineer with over 17 years track record of broad range of mechanical engineering encompassing pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pumps, and on/offshore process and utility packages.

About Me

As young boy, I used to go along with my dad who was a reciprocating chillers technicians w. Seeing how a chiller would work and extract the heat from building and release it in wet cooling tower on top of the tower block, instigated a deep interest in heat transfer systems and heat exchangers. That interest enlightened me the way through myBachelor and Master degrees both biased on heat transfer equipment. My very first commercial project was involvement in a team who designed the A/C system for a brand new car on 1998. My role was to focus on heat gain/realease from the car through and deign of refrigeration system that would cope with the thermal load. I perused my interest as an eager young engineer in my first job with a small size manufacturer company in Tehran.