St Fergus Furnace Upgrade - Project


The St Fergus gas terminal phase III uses hot oil as a heating medium to provide continuous heating for the process and utility heat exchangers. The hot oil is heated by two API 560 gas fired natural draught furnaces, designed and built by BORN in 1988. Due to obsoleted design, number of operability and reliability issues were raised, and client (PX group Ltd.) decided to upgrade the furnaces. The upgrade included installation of a new flue gas stack c/w hydrualic flue gas damper. The stack was designed to API 560 and fabricated to BS EN 1090 Execution Class 3, and CE marked in accordance with UK regulations of CPR (Construction Product Regulations). We provided consulatcy service to our client (Wood) mechanical engineering team for review/approval of the stack design (wind loading, structural calculations, damping requirement, mechanical stability, etc.) and vendor managemnt to ensure the design meet the regulations and standards.